Hydration for the Holidays

Hair and skin feeling dehydrated lately?

There’s a few reasons for that! As temperatures drop so does the humidity level in the air. This means you hair and skin aren’t getting the natural moisture they crave! You may also notice your hands are becoming dry and cracked even more than usual. Vigorous hand washing can also be a huge contributor to this.

What’s the solution?

Deep conditioning treatments are ESSENTIAL to keeping your hair moisturized during the winter. Products like AVEDA Nutriplenish are powered by plants to bring the best out of your hair. With superfoods like pomegranate seed oil, mango butter and organic coconut oil, Nutriplenish has 4x the conditioning power of a regular conditioner.  This line is available in both Light and Deep depending on your hair type! For dry hands, try AVEDA Hand Relief cream! This product uses functional botanicals like meadow foam seed oil and lactic acid to hydrate the skin while maintaining the moisture barrier. And as always make sure to drink plenty of water. Also getting a humidifier for your home can be very beneficial to combat the effects of central heating!

Give yourself the gift of self care this holiday season!