MIXD.Salon is a full-service beauty salon dedicated to providing a unique and individualized experience for each of our guests. Our mission is to serve a wider, more diverse cross-section of American society. MIXD.Salon breaks the long-time tradition of the typical “hair salon” serving just a narrow segment of the population. With the increased desire of both men and women seeking more eccentric styles, processes and treatments, we are a one-stop shop for all things hair, beauty, and esthetics—servicing every segment of the population. By providing a clean, professional, modern, and up-tempo atmosphere, we strive to ensure each of our guests is treated as a priority, leaving satisfied and eager to return.

MIXD.Salon is an experience. We place a high priority on our guests’ time. We are a refreshing departure from the stagnant, time-wasting salon adventure. Our appointments are a time sensitive, pre-planned beauty experience. Services for each guest are known well in advance ensuring necessary staff, salon resources and products are available at the time of each appointment. We take pride in not only providing exceptional personal services, but more importantly, we believe in the value of education. By taking the time to educate our guests on the importance of how to properly maintain the healthiness of their hair, we ensure our guests have the much-needed confidence in our staff to achieve the look they desire, while also ensuring our products perform to their fullest potential.

MIXD.Salon provides a one-on-one client/stylist experience, where you can expect to receive a thorough consultation and service to meet your needs and expectations. Provided with all of our services is a complimentary service ritual of your choice, prior to or during your initial service, which is performed with our Aveda Chakra™ Balancing Blend Aromas and Composition Oil™. Our Aveda Chakra™ Balancing Blends are balancing body mists created with aromas to assist with focusing on personal growth and energy centers. Composition Oil™ is a nourishing and conditioning formula for bath, body and scalp infused with an uplifting aroma. By providing these services and others, we ensure a personalized experience. At MIXD.Salon, our goal is to elevate your salon experience by surpassing expectations.