COVID-19 Safety

To Our Valued Guests,

The safety of our guests and staff has always been the top priority at MIXD.Salon. Our response to the COVID-19 pandemic is to implement new, more intensive policies, to protect both you and our staff. We also want to contribute to the reduction of community spread COVID-19. You will find below our new procedures, and our updated sanitation protocols. We are happy and ready to answer any questions regarding this change. We wish to provide a safe and relaxing experience for each guest. Although this pandemic will not be forever, our attention to safety, sanitation and a heightened awareness of all aspects of our business will be.


The MIXD.Salon Team


Masks: State guidelines require all staff and guests to wear a mask. We appreciate you bringing your own mask, but we will have them available if you need one.

Social Distancing: We removed a couple stations to ensure our stylists are set at least six feet a part. Our shampoo bowls are spread out as well to keep a safe, healthy distance. But physical distance is just one piece of the prevention measures.

Touch-less Greetings & Goodbyes: Unfortunately, we will not be shaking hands or hugging at this time.

Retail Area: Please help us to keep germ transmission to a minimum by avoiding touching products in the retail area unless you plan to purchase them.

Cleaning & Sanitation: Stylists will be following “intense, rigorous sanitation processes”. These extra cleaning and sanitation measures are to ensure the safety of our team and guests. This includes extra hand washing before and after every guest, wiping clean and disinfecting all tools, and surfaces between guests at the stations, shampoo bowls, and in the restroom. Stylists will use a freshly laundered cape for each guest.

Release Forms: We require every guest to sign a liability release form.

Temperature Checks: Temperature checks are administered before entering the salon floor, and those with a temperature over 100 degrees in the last four days are not permitted inside.

Hand Washing: Guests are required to wash hands prior to entering onto the salon floor.

Rituals: We have temporarily discontinued the fruit-infused water and Aveda tea, but will offer bottles of water to our guests. We have also temporarily discontinued the Aveda touch rituals.

Clean Air: MIXD.Salon’s HVAC system has two UV sanitizing lights that purifies the air throughout the entire salon. This system ensures the air is clean, sanitized, fresh and germ-free!